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Aikido kanji Asahi

   Hull Aikido Club

Our style

The Hull Aikido Club was formed in 1995 by Patrick and Steve Allen after the death of Sensei Alan Pirie, in order to continue training in the style and methods developed by him through his life.

We train in Kihon (technique) not only as a means of self defence but also as a means of understanding and developing Ki (spirit). We learn from each other as we train.

Many of the Aikido techniques come from and are related to weapons training and so we devote one full session per week to Aiki Kobudo.

In Aikido there is no contest. Most of our training is in Kata and Wasa form where attacker and defender are working together to develop and learn from each other.

Wherever possible we use real attacks in order to be effective in our form of self defence.

The purpose is to train and to enjoy training, with each other, along the path.

Patrick Allen