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   Hull Aikido Club

Questions and Answers

Q: What style is it ?

A: It is traditional Aikido with an emphasis on realism. It is not sport Aikido

Q: Does it hurt ?

A: Not really. All students are taught to be respectful of the abilities of others to take the techniques

Q: Will I meet aggressive nutters ?

A: No, we are not aggressive

Q: Is this the art that Steven Seagal does ?

A: Yes, he trained devotedly in Aikido, but has obviously moved on since

Q: Which is more effective, Aikido or Karate ?

A: Both are very effective, but a grappling art like Aikido is less likely to further enrage or grievously harm an opponent

Q: If I have to travel and move to another club will my skills transfer ?

A: Yes, our comprehensive syllabus will put you in a strong position if you ever need to move to another Aikido club

Q: Will I get thrown hard onto the floor ?

A: Not like with say Judo, we train to land softly with a roll not a slam

Q: Is it ok for kids ?

A: Yes, we regularly have youngsters with us in the club. They must be genuinely interested though, we don't do child minding

Q: Will I be asked to believe in any religious or metaphysical system ?

A: No, we are not into all that. The movement and the technique is what matters

Q: Will I likely get injured ?

A: Far less likely than with say football or rugby. Healthy people have fewer problems in life

Q: If I'm from another club can I visit and train with you ?

A: Yes, delighted to meet you. We have no barriers to visitors. Maybe we can learn from you

Q: How does Aikido compare with Karate ?

A: Simplistically Aikido is about guiding and throwing, Karate is about kicking and punching

Q: How does Aikido compare with Ju- jitsu ?

A: Quite similar superficially, but there's much more emphasis on finding the flow of the movement

Q: It looks more like a form of exercise, so is it actually effective ?

A: Yes, devastatingly so. It is first and foremost a martial art

Q: Are we austere and miserable ?

A: No, we are lively and chatty. It's Aikido !